Woman sailing laser dingy

Woman sailing laser

A comedian I really like, Paula Poundstone, said this is a question that grown ups ask of kids, because they are still looking for the answer.  In these times of economic chaos it is a question most of us are asking ourselves, when we are old enough that we should be able to ask what would we LIKE to do in our later years.

When I lost my engineering job and saw that there was no hope of getting another (I still apply for any that come up in my area, but it’s been over 2 years) I wrestled with this question. I took classes in legal training, website development and accounting.

What I decided is that I had already spent 6 1/2 years of intense studying to earn a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, and I just didn’t want to do it all over again. I am 60 and I have never had a carefree time in my life when I could do what I wanted.

I decided I want to go hiking and backpacking, and learn archery, fly fishing, and sailing. I used to paint many many years ago, and I want to start that up as well. I want to work on projects around my house, painting, repairing and building cupboards. I want to read books and ride my bike, go swimming when it is hot and snowshoeing in the winter.

I don’t have any money, though, and that is what usually enables people to do these things. I am very good at living on next to nothing though, and so I decided to do that.

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