Well, it snowed in April. I didn’t recall that it occassionally does this, but I checked and yes, in 2008 we got snow in April. This morning it stuck to the ground and “piled” up to about an inch, possibly less, depending on where you were standing.

A Camelia in snow in April

A Camelia in snow in April

I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures on my way out to the car. The drive to work was pretty, every tiny branch and every fir tree had a layer of white snow. It was all gone by 10 am, but it made the morning fun and unusual!

More Camelias in snow

More Camelias in snow!

I had fun at my archery practise last night. It was pouring down rain all the way to the practise place – I could hardly see the road due to the downpour and the road spray. Of course it didn’t slow down most of the drivers – they think they’re immortal, as they whiz by at 70 when the drivers can’t see far enough ahead to stop if they needed to. Idiots.

While shooting away at the target (still at 10 yards) I decided it might help to get a site for my bow. When shooting, I’m not sure what to look at to aim. As long as I’m in the gallery, I try to locate my bow at a certain distance from the bulles-eye, but my arm wobbles some, and the distance varies since I don’t have a definite point to sight on. So, next week, I’ll have the archery people put a site on my bow.

Blue flowers in the snow

Blue flowers in snow at the office

One more photo of the surprise snowfall on April 14th! There are little blue flowers peeking out through a layer of snow.

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