Sexy trees

How did they determine this tree is a girl?

Sexy trees
You would think they would at least have a rain jacket on . . .

I came out of the local Starbucks (I have a birthday gift card for many, many free coffees) and was kinda startled to see what the trees were wearing this chilly April day.

What I want to know is the answer to two questions: 1. Why aren’t the trees wearing rain jackets, and 2. How do they know they are girls? They could be forcing these innocent trees to cross-dress, thus scarring them psychologically for life, ensuring that at some point in the future they will deliberately drop a heavy branch on some poor unsuspecting human in revenge.

Could something like this be the cause of all tree related deaths? Tree humiliation?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Be safe, watch out for trees that have had “JK  hearts MF” carved into them and other humiliations. Watch out for falling branches, I do.

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