Last Saturday was great grandma day, and as usual, we went to Squalicum harbor after lunch. Mom likes to look at the water, and we can also see Mount Baker and the Sisters peaking over the foothills. This week there were flowers blooming. Mom LOVES flowers.

When mom had a house and a yard, the thing she cared most about were the flowers. She had lots of incredible iris, as there was a very old lady (one of those crazy old ladies that you are afraid of when you are little and have to walk past her house every day on the way to and from school) who had a thing about tulips, and she would give mom some of her bulbs. That womans yard was full of tulips – no grass, just tulips, property line to property line. The house was a tiny, ramshackle thing that was badly in need of any kind of maintenance, and the fence around her yard was a conglomeration of chicken wire and any type of fence post I guess she could find.

Mom said she had a grown son who lived with her, but I never saw him. I don’t know where he slept, that house was about as big as our living room, and our living room wasn’t all that big. In any case, she had a thing for iris’ and had the most beautiful collection I have ever seen.

Another story about my mom and flowers is there was a big cemetary a couple miles from our house. People would bring flowers to put at graves, and some of these were entire plants, not just cut flowers. When the groundskeepers cleaned up, the plants were tossed in a pile. Mom would sometimes find great flower bulbs and whole plants there, and these also ended up in our yard. We had lots of flowers.

The tulips are gorgeous! A few photos:

Tulips at Squalicum HarborTulips at Squalicum Harbor
Tulips at Squalicum HarborTulips at Squalicum Harbor

If  my camera was better, you could see the snow-white tips of Baker and the Sisters in the background, but alas . . . better cameras cost more money and that’s not going to happen!

There was a nice breeze Saturday and so the kite flyers were out in force. There were about 10 kites, I took a few pics of the larger ones, as the smaller ones only show up as black dots – not great to look at in photos.

Two kites at Squalicum harbor

Two kites at Squalicum harbor


No, hamsters don’t fly kites, for obvious reasons.