My personal sightings on Whatcom county roads:

  • Opossum – 2
  • Squirrel – 1
  • Unidentified (about the right size and color for raccoon) – 1

I even drove up the Mount Baker Highway on Sunday, so I had plenty of opportunity to see lots, but this was it.

The Fresno Bee, an online California newspaper, has a link to a California road kill tally.

“Notice a flattened skunk in the road? Perhaps a mangled bird, porcupine or mule deer?  People want to know about your roadkill finds. The University of California, Davis, has set up a Web page called California Roadkill Observation System, with the ghoulish mission of tracking smashed critters, getting photos and getting their locations on a map.”

“The reason? I think folks are trying to influence management and policy decisions in such matters as road building and placement of signs. “We have created this site to provide a way for people like you to report roadkill so that we can understand and try to influence the factors that contribute to roadkill,” the Web site says.”

“Total roadkill reports is 1,435 over a few months time.”

The quote above is from November 19, 2009. Now I’m going to the California website listed in the quote, just so you don’t have too!  Let me see . .  .how do I do this?  . . .

Ok, so I’m at the California Roadkill Observation System website. They require you to create an account if you want to make a report. They have a Roadkill Photo Gallery, a Roadkill map and some other information you can check out. Let me see . . . photos . . . that sounds gross, I’m going to check that out.

Mystery animal
Mystery animal – determined to probably be a river otter

This was listed by the observer as a mystery animal – they decided it might be a river otter.

Well, I’m not going to post any more photos. This kind of makes me sick. Watch the road when you’re driving, ok?

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Hamster report
Hmm, I haven’t seen any hamsters on the road, maybe we’re too smart, huh? It could be . . .