I’ve decided to do a hike every Sunday, since I used to bicycle every Sunday, pluse 2 – 3 times during the week.  So far, I’ve done 3 consecutive Sunday hikes!  This past Sunday, I chose Excelsior, and I still am a bit confused as to whether this trail is to a mountain named Excelsior, a ride, or what.  The confusion seems to be due to the fact that the trail seems to go up to a ridge and then connects with 3 or 4 other trails.

This is too early really, for this trail, as it starts at 1800 feet and gains about 3500 feet to the ridge. The snow level is at about 2500 feet, so you can see that the trail is under snow most of the way.

trail starts

start of trail

 So, I have given up waiting to go hiking when I find some compatible hiking buddies; I’m 61 now and I decided to just “do it” as they say. At first I was concerned that hiking by myself might be freaky, not having a companinon along – I found that I enjoy the silence, or rather, the sounds of the forest.

moss and fern covered rock along trail
moss and fern covered rock along trail

I am by nature careful, so I’m not really worried about breaking a leg or anything on the trail. When I get tired, I rest, so my legs won’t be shaky and possibly cause me to trip and twist a leg in a bad way.

snow undermined by streams
snow undermined by streams

Of  course I had to make decisions along this trail about whether to cross some of these “snow bridges” where snow melt was undermining the trail. Snowshoes helped spread my weight, which helped, I’m sure.

I wouldn’t have hiked anywhere near as far as I did over the snow if I hadn’t had snowshoes. I was following the trail left by someone possibly a week ago, and I could see they did not have snowshoes. Maybe the snow was harder that day, but I kept sliding and occassionally falling knee deep before I put on my snowshoes. I find that so frustrating and irritating that I would not have gone very far under those conditions.

my snowshoe tracks

My snowshoe tracks in deep snow


It was raining all the way up the trail, until it turned to snow as I hiked up to the higher elevation. This was a great hike, and I can’t wait to do it when more of the snow is off, so I can go all the way to the ridge, where the great views are!

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