Have I stated taht I am not impressed with the state of our health care system in america?  I waited2 1/2 hours in our local “emergency room” before the doctor could see me. If we ever have a real emergency we are all screwed. We have one hospital in Whatcom county with one ER to serve a population of 200,434 (2009). 

St. Joseph Hospital

St. Joseph Hospital

Ok, enough of that. My problem is I look at a situation and think what would happen if  . . .” The answer ismusually not reassuring.

Back to my finger. When they did get around to me, the care was great. I’m afraid of what the bill will be. Maybe I should charge them for the time I sat in the waiting room – do you think they’d pay it . . .?

not a table saw

not atable saw, but just as capable of damage . . .

When my finger was all stitched up and full of some pain killer (good stuff), the doctor told me I’d wake up (it was almost midnight when I left) in about 4 hours and it would be throbbing and painfull. I had some anxiety about that, but I’m happy to say it didn’t happen.

It is hard for a right handed person to function with one finger non functioning and also majorly in the way, with a big bandage and splint on it.

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