So, after nearly losing a finger on the table saw, last night my kitty got her paw stuck under the garage door. Not the car door, but the people door that goes from the house into the garage. She was apparently trying to play with something under the door and got her claw stuck in something under the door, then when she tried to pull her paw back, the door was jammed against her leg.


Injury prone kitty


I was relaxing after dinner and suddenly heard this alarming yowl downstairs.  I ran down there and was figuring out what the problem was, as kitty was trying to pull her paw out, but the harder she pulled, the more it jammed the door on her leg.

When I stuck my hand through the crack in the door, she bit me hard, and scratched me pretty thoroughly, thanks kitty.  I was able to get my hand through the small opening enough to pull her paw out of the thing she was stuck to. The door stop had fallen down and she was  stuck to it.

Anyway, she then limped upstairs and flopped down. I was worried, so I called the emergency number for the vet. Well, all is well this morning, no limp and she seems to be fine.

Between the cat emergencies and my table saw induced emergency, I plan on being very careful for awhile. My splinted and bandaged finger makes typing difficult, so I am being a bit cryptic, sorry.

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