I’ve been reading articles for several years now about the dangers in the ingredients in our soaps and cosmetics.  There are many chemicals in our commonly used soaps that are cancer causing, or that affect our health in adversly in other ways.  I have cut way down on cosmetics (kind of down now, to none) and have been trying, with my limited income, to buy only organic soaps. Unfortunately, organic products are more expensive than non-organic.  homemade soap photo

There’s an article, “How many Chemicals have you put on your face today” on Planet Green website. 

“How Many Chemicals Are You Rubbing On Your Face?”

“-200– The number of chemicals the average woman smears on her skin every day (thanks to unnatural skincare).”

“-60% – The amount of those chemicals found floating in the bloodstream.”

“-0- The average number of chemicals in organic skincare”

I read another article this morning, and am finally motivated to try making my own soaps. I’ve been thinking about this for some time, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. The name of the article is “The showering mistake that could cause less than optimal health”. It’s a video on Dr. Mercolas website. He is selling a lot of pretty expensive, but healthy products on the website, I can’t afford anything he sells, but the advice is sound.

There is a store in town, Bramble Berry that sells ingredients, so I’m going to get started this week. Will let you know how it goes. I’ll start with a simple shower gel.

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