homeless woman

homeless woman

Do you think that if you got laid off tomorrow you could get a job that pays you enough to live on before your unemployment runs out? Really? Do you think that people who aren’t able to get a good paying replacement job are just not trying? Really?

Random thoughts . . .

I’m frustrated, not able to do much since I injured my finger. I read, watch DVD’s on my TV ( I don’t have cable or antennae/ converter box. I putter some in my basement, doing what I can with one finger sticking straight out and swathed with a splint. 

So I read stuff on the internet and try not to feel sorry for myself; there are no hurricanes, tornadoes, major floods or fires here (it rains too much for fires to last very long, and it is so hilly the water runs off into Puget Sound.

We do get some local flooding, and people who are foolish enough to build their homes on hillsides (for the views) sometimes slide off, and there has occasionally been loss of life if they happen to be in the house when this happens, or be foolish enough to be living in the house at the bottom of the hill.

Back to the point of this article:

So I was reading this article on homelessness. If it were not for my family coming to my rescue, this could have been me.   I do have a job, but I wonder from day-to-day how long it will last. The economy is bad, and we aren’t getting enough home remodeling jobs to keep the 3 employees working full-time. My pay is less than half what I used to get as a mechanical engineer.

Think about it. It could be you, and you may be next. Be kind to the homeless.

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