Not so trivial trivia, exerpted from The Funtimes website:

  • There are 6.3 million auto accidents in the U.S.  each year.
  • There are 253,000 animal – vehicle accidents each year (Ummm, how would they know? Did you report it the last time you hit a dog or a squirrel? This may be much higher.)
  • Oh, the next piece of data is this – they estimate 50% of vehicle-large animal collisions are unreported. Do the math!
  • Estimated average minimum cost to repair the vehicle is $2,000.
  • Here is a scary number – 200 human deaths each year from vehicle-wildlife collisions.
  • 1,559 – Number of animals killed on Yellowstone National Park roads from 1989-2003. Figure includes 556 elk, 192 bison, 135 coyotes, 112 moose, 24 antelope and 3 bobcats.
  • 51,000 – Number of vertebrates killed in and around Saguaro National Park by automobiles each year. Figure includes 1,400 birds, 6,500 mammals, 26,000 reptiles and 17,000 amphibians
  • 93 – Percentage by which desert tortoise roadkill was reduced after fencing and culverts were installed on one 15-mile stretch of Mojave Desert highway
  • 40 – Percentage by which deer-vehicle collisions were reduced after installation of a deer crosswalk system in northeast Utah
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Wrap your mind around this

 Watch out for the giant squirrels and Jackalopes.

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