Ok, so my finger is still in it’s splint. I’m still typing with 2 fingers, it doesn’t work for me to use my left hand and one finger on my right hand, so I do the hunt and peck thing – one finger per hand. Did you realize that if you are a touch typist that you don’t really know where the keys are? Your fingers know, but you have to search for them. Mucho frustrating.

For a month now I have not been able to go hiking, do much yard work, or do my home repair projects.

Border Peaks and the north side of the basin.

Border Peaks and the north side of the basin

At least I’m closing in on the day when I can get this thing off my finger. However, I have taken it off for brief periods to wash the finger and put clean tape on, and I am getting suspicious that the finger won’t work very well when it first gets released. After all, it hasn’t bent in all this time, and it seems that the truism that “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” is true. In this case I suppose that means I’ll have to work on the finger to get it to start bending again.

First clear view of Mt. Baker on the way in.
Mt. Baker on the way in

I am excited about my backpacking trips I’m planning for this summer. Daytrips on the weekend, and 3 day backpacks, one each month, July, August and September.

I have to wait until the snow melts off the higher elevations. I think my first trio may be up Excelsior Ridge. The hiking book descriptions say it is a really dry trail, and it is on the south side. So going early should mean I can melt snow water instead of packing it all with me. Water is freaking heavy.

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