Ok, how do I go from a dead baby bunny in my yard to a discussusion of vegetarianism vs. omnivors?   I have been thinking about taking up hunting, which I have never done, for several years now.

dead bunny
dead bunny

Bow hunting that is, and since I cannot pull a very strong bow, I figured (if I actually do it) that I’d be hunting rabbits.

Ergo, today there was a small dead baby rabbit in my backyard. I thought about how I felt about this. I know that in nature, if no people are involved, animals often die young, killed by predators. This is why animals like rabbits and mice have so many offspring, or so I was told in school.
Us city dwellers in America are not used to seeing the unpleasantness associated with these deaths. Nonetheless, most of us are meat eaters. How many of us are willing to personally kill even a cow, raised for the purpose of dieing to feed humans, let alone a wild animal, such as a deer or a rabbit? There is the cuteness factor when one contemplates killing a bunny or a deer.
This seems somewhat hypocritical to me. It seems to me that to be a vegetarian one would have to live where there is an abundance of food and a wide variety, to get the protein required from non-animal sources. For the entire time of human existence, we have been omnivores in order to survive. Some societies, like the Inuit in the Arctic regions, were almost exclusively meat eaters.
Well, I don’t haave a point, I guess, except that eating meat is natural, and so there is no need to feel guilty about killing animals for the purpose of eating them.
I do need to add that the industrial cattle and pig farming going on in America today makes me sick and perhaps that is why some are becoming vegetarians.
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