A quick survey of news sites results this morning: CNN has no stories on Fukushima; MSN has no stories on Fukushima; Seattle Times, Seattle’s only newspaper has no stories on Fukushima; the New York Times has no stories on Fukushima; the BBC has no stories on Fukushima.

Fukushima disaster

Devastated Fukushima nuclear reactors

A search this morning on Google provided these top three results: (1) Wikipedia discussion of the disaster; (2) A June 2 (today is the 22 of June) IAEA briefing discussing the accident; (3) A March 13 report – March!!! Can’t we get anything more current?

This is pathetic reporting; at best, it shows an incredible lack of coverage, and at worst, a deliberate coverup of a disaster that will cause millions of cases of cancer and birth defects and render much of northern Japan uninhabitable for the rest of time. Not to mention it would be very foolish to eat fish that have been within 500 miles of the site, since the only thing they can do is pump thousands of gallons of water on the melted cores and then let the highly radioactive water run into the sea.

In the States, we have several nuclear reactors on rivers that are flooding, and as in Japan, the backup pumping systems can be lost if flooding damages the diesel generators that operate the pumps during emergency situations. Then you have a meltdown.

I can’t type very much, as my right index finger is still in a splint, so to have your socks scared off, check out Helen Caldicott’s website. She is a doctor and has spent many years treating children who have cancer. She has been an outspoken anti-nuclear advocate. She is for complete nuclear disarmament and shutting down all nuclear power plants.

Listen to her speeches and her weekly radio show; she is intelligent, knowledgable and cares about the future of our plant. If you love this planet is another of her websites; check it out.

We need renewable energy and localization of our resources.

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