When I moved to this town I never imagined that part of the experience of living here would be deer in my own yard! This has positives and negatives, as I learned the first year.  Did you know that deer LOVE tulips?

The guilty party

The guilty party

The first spring  I didn’t know what was going on. I had planted a whole bunch of tulip bulbs a friend had given me, and they would come up ok, and the next thing I’d notice, the top half of the leaves would be missing. Giant mutant slugs? Neighborhood gangs that roamed about, trimming tulip leaves?

didn't want his picture taken

This one didn't want his picture taken

Then I planted a lilac. What I didn’t know was that I was planting it right in the game trail that goes through my yard. After my little lilac got trampled I started noticing the scuffed up beauty bark and I got suspicious who the culprits were.  I began to realize that the wildflower seeds I planted on the bank that goes up to my backyard had a trail through it where nothing grew. 

escaping deer

Deer makes a fast getaway

I have to add, I would have figured this out a lot sooner, if I’d been home when the munchers came through. But I worked a lot of overtime then, and didn’t see deer very often. So, I think I was assuming they only came through when I saw them, and no, that doesn’t make any sense. 

Deer are like the trees. If you love trees, your house will be in the shade and you will get leaves and needles all over your yard and deck and roof. If you love deer and want to have them in your yard, there will be compromises to be made. No tulips.

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