I know, some think this will occur way off in the future. I guess there is a lot of oil in the arctic and under the ocean. Of course we know what happens when we drill in the ocean, don’t we? Can you say Gulf oil “spill”? Did they ever really stop that, or just slow it down? I can’t find it on the internet or news coverage, any more than the Fukushima ongoing disaster. I guess if we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

Check out the Ecologist article on peak oil.

When I was living in Seattle we would go up to Snoqualmie Falls when the water was high – it was spectacular going over the falls. There was a fence along the top of the cliffs to keep people safe. But every year someone would climb over the fence, to get a better look, I guess. And every so often one of these idiots would fall off the cliff and die on the rocks below.

Do I have to explain the parallel behavior here? Ok, I will. We want to drill for oil in inherently dangerous conditions – the Arctic, and deep water drilling, like the Gulf of Mexico. 

Sooner or later there will be disasters; people will die, the oceans will be heavily polluted by the “spilled” oil and entire marine environments will be destroyed, i.e., dolphins, crabs, oysters, plankton, etc, will die and the region of the “spill” will be so polluted (if the “spill” can even be stopped) that no marine life can live there for perhaps hundreds of years.

The parallel is that we are climbing over the fence to get a better look – a “better life” – that fossil fuels can provide. We don’t have to hand wash our clothes, or go to bed when it gets dark, or get wet when it rains; we can travel thousand of miles in less than a day. We can have peaches in winter and mangos from the tropics anytime.

Just say no, people. Humans lived for tens of thousands of years without electricity or combustion engines; we can do it again. It might even be better than the way we live now. Besides, we can get power from solar panels and wind mills, and we don’t need to hop on a plane and travel across the continent. It’s not a necessity. Most of us can’t affor it anyway.

Hamster thoughts in light of current events