Well tomorrow is Saturday, and I don’t have to work on Sat, so that’s why I’m happy; not because a squad of local mammals have been suddenly sent to the next life for the crime of trying to cross the road.

The personal unofficial tally this week (lots of un-identified):

  • Opossums – 6
  • Squirrel – 4
  • Mouse – 2
  • Large bird – 3
  • Totally unidentified – 3

 I’ve seen several mom deers with babies this week – I hope they all make it. Haven’t seen any deer road kill for a long time. I know, this doesn’t mean much, they (the road kill clean up squad?) get them off the road pretty quick. Don’t want to scare the tourists I guess.

Here is a use for your careless driving in deer infested areas:

Tribal hunters and sportsmen don’t always get along. But communities on either side of the Cascades, once entangled in a feud over hunting rights, have found common ground thanks to some good conversation – and hundreds of pounds of road-killed deer.

“Since November, hunters in the Methow Valley have been salvaging meat from highways, turning the spoils of modern life into the traditions of ceremony for some west-side tribes. In the past two months, Methow residents have given six Indian tribes 700 pounds of freshly killed meat, enough for 1,500 meals.” – from Road-killed deer bring peace to Methow valley.

Methow valley live deer

Methow valley live deer

Here is another article on road kill deer. Read it to the end, it’ll make you think, and maybe drive more carefully. He comes across a recently killed deer on the road and decides to take it home and butcher it.

Not to change the subject, but I’m going to. This morning it was warm and overcast at 6:00 am; right now it is POURING rain. Around here we usually get this misty-type rain, so downpours are remarkable.  Just thought you’d like to know. . .

So, now my wandering “mind” is wandering . . . not sure if it will find a place to land.


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