Dead mouse, I did not go get my camera and take this picture
Dead mouse, I did not go get my camera and take this picture

Well, this morning I went up the little path to my backyard and allmost stepped on a dead mouse. Just like the baby rabbit, and the mole, this “offering” was left in the exact same spot.

As with the others, I am certain it will be gone when I get home tonight. As I said the other day, if my cats were outside cats I would assume they were the culprits, but they don’t get outside. I am afraid they could get killed by a car, eagle, raccoon, coyote, or ?.

Dead mole

Dead mole left in same spot as rabbit and mouse

I was a little upset this time, as I was not expecting it (not that I ever do), and didn’t see it when I walked up the path; when I turned around and headed back toward the house, there it was. I don’t like this kind of surprise. I guess I could look on this as some neighborhood cat (I suspect a domesticated hunter) is keeping my yard vermin-free, for which I guess I should be grateful, although since I don’t know who is leaving the remains, I don’t know who to thank.

It seems that no mouse could get into my house with this hunter in my yard. I still don’t get how they got the mole, since moles spend all their time underground. Maybe they come up at night?  I have never heard that they ever come out.

Well, in any case, almost stepping on a dead mouse when you really don’t expect to (do you ever?) gets the adrenaline going when you are only half awake.

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