Do you feel like road kill some days? Like events are running over you and you cannot control much and don’t know where the next “whack” is coming from?   Earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts, mass murderers, every day it seems something horrific is happening.



That is the source of my roadkill Friday reports. Yes, I feel very bad about all the fellow creatures on this earth that we flatten and send to the next life with our vehicles.

I will borrow some thoughts from another blog, and combine them with my own ideas. ( 

“Every experience is a life lesson. You will be wiser, emotionally stronger, and perhaps have some newfound knowledge or skill in an area you knew nothing about before.”

“You and your family used to eat out all the time. But now, loss of a job means you no longer can afford to do that. At times you’re not sure how you can even afford to make a meal at home. Out of necessity you get creative. You seek out recipes that are most economical, invent a few of your own. You discover a passion for cooking.”

“You were considering going back to school for retraining—but had no idea what you would study. Maybe now you do. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs achieved their status from having to deal with a situation they had no control over.”

I’ve been through trauma and dealt with it. Yes, it made me grow – such experiences seem to put one in the position of either growing or sinking into self-destructive behavior which is related to suicide.  I chose to grow. I used to think that such experiences leave one with psychic scars that are forever sensitive, rather than making us stronger, but I am re-thinking that. 

I like this comment from “Little Buddha”: 

“As you work through an earthshaking event, give yourself credit for every step forward. By acknowledging your achievements no matter how small, you regain trust in your ability to fix what you didn’t break. You empower yourself to take the next step. Besides, the situation is beating you up enough—don’t help it!”

Enough of that, the count this past week:

  • Birds: 5
  • Mouse: 1
  • Squirrel: 1
  • Unidentified: 3
  • Opossum: 3

On a brighter note, this week I took a 17 mile bike (bicycle) ride out in the county and spotted a live coyote, up pretty close, and have seen quite a few mom deer with 1 or 2 spotted offspring; several wild rabbits.

Hamster report