one of many waterfalls on trail

Many waterfalls and streams crossing trail

Too much snow this year; I tried this hike, but after about 3 miles the steep snowfields covering the trail became too hazardous for someone without an ice axe.  It was overcast and the trail was becoming hidden in the fog as well, so I was having trouble following the footsteps in the snow.

Forest in the mist

Next time I’ll bring my ice axe and some crampons. I’m getting tired of only hiking 3 miles up the trails.  It was beautiful, but no views other than trees in the fog!

Fog & snow on upper trail

Fog & snow on upper trail


They (the scientists) say the effect of climate change in the Pacific Northwest will be more snow in the winter and more rain year round.


Mist & snow on upper trail

Rocks at base of snow slopes

It seems to be working out that way. I have my rain barrel, but due to damaging my finger and just procrastinating, I haven’t hooked it up to my downspout yet. I’m such a slacker.

Hazardous river crossing

scary river crossing


I tried to get a photo of this crossing that accurately showed how hazardous and frightening it was, but didn’t succeed. It was very steep, one rock that you could put a boot on would be quite a bit above the next one downstream from it. The water is just melted, and the air temp is way too low to contemplate how cold you would be if you miss-stepped and got too much of yourself in that icy water.

Looking forward to my next hike in the mountains – with my ice ax and crampons, in August?

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