I haven’t been writing as much lately, as I see the world crumbling around me – I do say around me, as I am still floating with my head slightly above water. My problem is, I always strive to know what is actually happening, not what would I like to think is happening right now. Then, as soon as I lock onto what I think is the truth of current events, my mind starts projecting the future.

This is a really bad thing to do. Of course, I have only lived my life, so I can’t really say if there has ever been a time when studying current events and then making projections as to what the future will be was a happy thing to do. I like to think there was. Maybe in some primitive (primitive to us technological addicts) society where people had plenty to eat year-round and were at peace with their neighboring tribes for as long as they could remember. To a person living in such a community it might seem that things would go on forever like that.

I’d like to think so.

All we ever studied in my history classes was who went to war with who, how many were killed, memorize the dates and names of the battles and generals and yada, yada. I grew up during the Vietnam war; my dad attended the 2nd world war, which was followed by the Korean war, and now we are in the unending Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

I am aware of the not-very-safe nuclear reactors all over the world, and Fukushima of course; not to mention the thousands of nuclear warheads on our missles.

So, anyway, if you haven’t stopped reading yet and gone of for a dose of qualudes, or whatever the current drug is that is supposed to make us believe that everything is OK, I don’t really know what to say.

What I do to deal with the down side of reality is to take good care of myself physically and mentally. I know, it sounds hard to believe, but its true. I intersperse books on the environment and politics with escapist fiction. Right now I’m reading a series by author Lauren Haney on ancient Egypt, with the main character a policeman who solves murders during the time of the pharoahs. Try them, they’re great fun.

Eclipse Bookstore, Bellingham, WA

Eclipse Bookstore, Bellingham, WA

A Place of Darkness

A Place of Darkness by Lauren Haney

Copied this from Amazon.com.

Amazon is where I get my books when I’m not buying them from the local used book store here in Bellingham, Eclipse Bookstore (see photo above).

Well, that’s about it for now. Let me know what you are thinking – especially about the future. And don’t write if you think god is going to solve all our problems, because I’ve been down that road and it isn’t working for me.


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