Spider web in the mist

Spider web in the mist

Ok, so now I have been up this trail 3 times this year. The first time went pretty much as planned – I knew there would be snow, and I carried my snowshoes until I hit the snow, put them on, and hiked another couple of miles. It was somewhat annoying, as the trail went along a sleep slope (what doesn’t around here) and after several miles the snowshoe straps were hurting my feet as I was sliding to one side constantly. It was OK, but not as pleasant as walking a more gradual slope with a somewhat level path.

They say there is a great view of Mt. Baker

They say there is a great view here of Mt. Baker

So the next time up, I had planned the trip a month in advance, thinking the snow would be off, as the trail goes up a south-facing ridge. Not to mention the Forest Dept website said the snow level was at about 5,500 feet on this trail. I don’t know what year they were talking about, but not this year. I was still getting over a bad chest cold and thought that I would be OK; just walk slow. That doesn’t really work in the mountains. Steep uphill trails are tiring, no matter how slow you walk.  Besides, the snow was still down to about 3,500 feet; I walked on it for a while, but since I was so tired I thought it would be wiser to turn around, instead of falling down at some point.

My daypack & 1968 vintage ice ax

My daypack & 1968 vintage ice ax

This time, I was ready. I had my six-point crampons. I had my ice ax. I was not recovering from illness. The snow had more time to melt off. Hah! It was overcast the whole day, and no views!  This is supposed to be one of the most spectacular viewing spots! Oh, well, I did make it to the top of the ridge and did a little scouting around for places to pitch my tent next weekend.

Trees in the mist

Trees in the mist

I would prefer to camp on dry ground instead of snow, but it looks like it’ll be snow. I just need to find a flat spot, or maybe I’ll have to carve out a spot. There was so much fog up there I couldn’t see very far, and I suspect there may be nicer places to set up camp a little further along the ridge. If it is sunny next weekend, I’ll scout around more. If it is like Sunday, it won’t matter much because I’ll just need a place close to the trail, as there won’t be any views. Hoping for sun!

yellow wildflowers

yellow wildflowers in the meadowLots of snow and fog

hiking into dark woods

hiking into the dark woods and fog

Snow free area of meadow

Snow free area of meadow.


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