So, I had this really ugly porch light fixture. I have disliked it with a passion since I moved in. It was a 1975-style fixture. Crappy brass-like metal that had long ago corroded. I never took a picture of it because I hated it. Now I wish I had, so I can get you to sympathise with me for putting up with the awful thing for so long. Sigh.

Excellent porch light

Light activated porch light

So, on Sunday I got together with a guy friend, as he knew about electricity. See, I have replaced several large lights (one over the stairs, that was a task and a half), but this thing is activated via motion sensor, and in spite of the fact that the house is 37 years old, no one ever labeled the electrical circuits on the circuit board. So I tried to figure out how I would know if when turning off circuit breakers to find the right one, how would I know if the light went off because I flipped off the correct circuit breaker, or because no one was out waving their arms in front of the motion sensor?

This has bothered me for lo these many years (7 years), and I have tried every year to get an electrician or acquaintance to come out and remove and replace the light, but no one would do it.  I mentioned it to another friend, and bingo! It is done! God, the porch looks so much better.

This light also has a light sensor, so it comes on at dark, and goes off in the morning. I didn’t like the motion sensor, as I could not get the light to stay on, and there are no street lights in our neighborhood, so friends could not find my house – or I had to keep going outside and waving my arms. I really did not like that light.

OK, next topic. My rain barrel. I am now ready to install the thing!  Two issues held me back, for about 6 months.

One – how to get the downspout cut and routed to the opening in the top of the barrel. I tried sticking together a bunch of 45 degree metal sections, but just didn’t work. Then I heard about the flexible downspout  and went off to the hardware store on Saturday and bought a section. It is great.

water barrel installation issues

Water barrel soon to be installed.

Two – I knew I had to attach the downspout to the exterior of the house just above where I will cut it. Other wise it would be hanging loose, not a good idea. So I needed something to stick in the hole the screws would go in, to ensure that no water ever got through the siding. I asked a friend and voila! I have some goop to squirt in the hole for the screws.  Now all I have to do is cut the downspout, drill the holes and do the install.

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