Ok, ever since I was a kid I thought it would be great to eat free wild mushrooms. For many reasons – 1) They would be free; 2) They would be fresh!; 3) It would be fun to scout around for them.

So then I went to the library (this was pre-internet, WAY pre-internet) to get some books on identifying local edible varieties. What I read scared the crap out of me and I never did eat a wild mushroom I’d picked myself.

As far as I could read, for every delicious edible wild mushroom, there was a look-alike that it seemed only an expert could identify, that if you ate it would make you very sick or possibly kill you.

Then the kicker was, I had an aunt at the time who picked mushrooms in the woods and ate them. One day she ate some and it made her very sick. That put an end to her wild mushroom eating, and I considered it a warning.

However, we have lots of mushrooms that grow around here. It rains a lot and there is tons of moss on trees in the woods, and I have more moss than grass in my yard. So, since the lawns, front and back, have turned native, I’ve quit mowing them, and since no lawn mower goes over them, I have a great crop of giant white mushrooms that sprout in my backyard every year. I know the animals eat them, as I have found some with what look like large teeth marks in them – deer maybe? One time I found a huge chunk of mushroom drug over behind a tree, and mostly eaten.


Toxic Pacific Northwest mushroom - similar, but not same as ones in my yard

I know that humans cannot necessarily eat what animals eat, so that doesn’t reassure me. But I look at those big mushrooms every year and wonder if I am missing something here. They are about 6 –  8 inches across and white. I call it my mushroom farm. I will take photos this year and post. I have done so before, but I don’t have the photos here. I saw the first big mushroom yesterday. They make bumps when they are coming up under the moss, and I pulled the moss off and sure enough, there was my first giant ‘shroom.

This one is called Fairy Ring Mushroom and is edible


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