Observed squished mammals this past week:

  • Opossum – 2
  • Birds – 1
  • Raccoon – 1
  • Squirrel – 2
  • Unidentified – 3

So, words of wisdom? A website to save animals from becoming roadkill: www.pleasebekind.com has some excellent suggestions.

“Birds: Many birds cannot rise fast enough to evade an oncoming car unless they fly directly ahead of the car, using the air current it pushes to provide extra lift. If you brake too abruptly for a bird flying straight ahead of you, you may take away the push he needs and send him crashing into your windshield. Lift your foot off the gas and slow down gently, gradually, until the bird rises above your car or peels away to one side.”

I never heard that!

“Cats: Cars kill about 5.4 million cats per year – more, by a million-plus, than are killed in U.S. animal shelters! Most of them are hit at night. Typically cats know cars are dangerous, but confuse the beams from your headlights with the car itself. When the lights go by them, they think it’s safe to dash out. Expect them to make this mistake and you’ll be prepared to react if they do.”

More good information. Go to the website, they have good information on why the animals do what they do, which helps a driver to avoid hitting them. They list behaviors of many more animals: dogs, squirrels, rabbits, opossums, chipmunks, raccoons, turtles, deer (reading this could save your life as well – people are sometimes killed when they hit deer), skunks, snakes, woodchucks, frogs, beavers.

Go to the website. There are too many animals dying from cars hitting them. At the least, it is upsetting to us, the drivers, and at the worst, the animals may suffer a great deal before dying.

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