Here in America, there has been coverage of a man, Troy Davis, who was convicted 20 years ago for the murder of a policeman. In the years since then, 7 of the 9 people who’s testimony convicted him, have recanted their testimony. There is no physical evidence tying him to the crime.

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Democracy Now! has coverage of this and the history of his case. Amnesty International has petitioned for a stay of execution.

Since the discovery of DNA, many inmates on death row have been exonerated as innocent, using DNA evidence. Can you imagine being wrongly convicted of murder and dying for it? Not only is an innocent person killed, but the murder is still out there, free to kill again. I have wondered that people who support the death penalty do not think about all the killers who are roaming about, since someone else was convicted of their crime.

When I was in high school, I had an english teacher who asked us the question at the top of this article. I thought about it a lot. I put myself in the position of an innocent person wrongly convicted. I found that a horror. Yet today, as everyone knows, innocent people on death row have been  exonerated due to DNA evidence. This tells us that over the years innocent people had to have been convicted and killed in our “justice” system.

As for the truly horrific murderers, such as the Green River Killer here in Washington state, who murdered about 32 women, I fail to understand why this guy is still alive. While I am not in favor of our current prison system at all, people like him could be tossed into a cell and left there until they die and that doesn’t bother me.

The problem is, our “justice” system favors those who are wealthy and white, and in addition, sometimes it seems more important to convict someone, anyone, than to admit they can’t find the killer.

Execution chamber at Georgia prison

Well, obviously, my comments are my opinions; let me know what you think. Have you even heard about Troy Davis’ case and impending execution today at 7pm Eastern time? I gave up television years ago because of the inane programming, stupid commercials that insulted my intelligence, and useless “news” programs, so I don’t know if this man’s case is being covered, if people even know about him.

Let me know what you have heard, and what you think about Troy Davis and the death penalty.