So, what to talk about . . . OK, well, I saw a British sci-fi on Friday evening –  Attack the Block, at Bellingham’s Pickford theater. I started volunteering there about a month ago, and as I have a hard time finding any movies I want to see, I’ve had my little “paycheck” (they give us free tickets each time we volunteer) nearly a month.  


Attack the Block Movie Poster

I have to say, I enjoyed the movie, except that I am a bit squeamish about gory scenes, and there were a couple of these. Otherwise it was an enjoyable story. The main characters were very likeable – or became so as the story progressed. I think the ending was a bit too realistic, I guess I shouldn’t say too much – see the movie. The new awareness all the main characters had of each other at the end left a good feeling.

What I mean when I say a movie was too realistic is similar to what I used to tell my kids when they would ask why I so disliked zombie movies (with all the gore and eating of people). My response was always “If I want to see something scary and gross, I’ll turn on the news.” I wasn’t being sarcastic.

What this meant was, I go to movies to get away from reality, not to find it. Get it? I may be a bit inconsistent, as there has to be enough reality to make the movie believable, but not so much that it connects in my mind to world events. That’s probably why I have a hard time finding any movies to watch. That and I can’t stand watching people behave stupidly – which is what a lot of movies are.

Alrighty then. Next topic – aw, I’ll talk about rain barrels tomorrow. Maybe I’ll remember to get a photo of my rain barrel project. If I can get home before it’s dark, that is. Man, it’s getting dark earlier and earlier.

Hamster report.