There is a word I believe is overused.

The word is hero. And don't get me started on who is designated a hero by the corporate news media and who is never mentioned. I have no problem with firefighters and people who saved someone from certain death being called heros, but look at their faces.

Sometimes, in the case of soldiers, they don't seem to believe they are heros. They were just trying to survive, and help their companions survive. Running on adrenaline. But that is ok with me if they are called hero's. You might ask them what they want to be called though. It just seems something we owe them.

Has anyone ever called a single mom who put herself through college when she really didn't think she could, a hero? When her kids turned out great, without any help from their father? How about the people who overcome severe depression or childhood abuse and make something of themselves? How about mothers who keep struggling to care for their babies when no one will give them a decent job?

I think it makes too many people uncomfortable to even talk about what some women (and yes, men) in our society have to overcome just to get by. It is too easy to look at a big, strapping firefighter who just carried an baby out of a burning building and call him a hero. But is that the only image we have of hero's? Really?

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