So I ran around to the back of my house this morning and took a couple of pictures of the rain barrel. Sorry I did not have the photos yesterday!

Note round plastic pipe connecting to rectangular downspout

 My friend who helped so much with this little project thought it was funny to stick the duct tape we used to attach the temporary connectors to the permanent pipe. Ha, ha, I forgot to take it off for the pictures.

I think you can zoom in on this photo and see the connection from the rectangular downspout to the round 45 degree connector. We simply squeezed the downspout until it fit into the 4″ dia. round pipe.

Did I mention this was a low-budget project? As are all my projects these days. Since I can’t get an engineering job anymore, and am lucky to have a $12 an hour office job, all my home repairs must be volunteer-assisted or done entirely by myself with used materials. Which is ok, but in case you weren’t sure, I am complaining about our crappy economy, health “insurance” and refusal to hire older workers.

OK, on with the project; another photo:

So, as I said, the materials were all either donated or from our local Re-Store – they take donated materials from people remodeling their homes or construction company left-overs and sell them. I also got some very nice antique-looking pull knobs for a used nightstand I bought at the Goodwill store that was sans knobs. Re-Store is great. I get paint there as well. I bought a can of white paint that was half-empty for a dollar, I am painting the inside of my garage. 

Rain barrel from the other side!

 So, back to the rain barrel. My friend donated it to me. The white connector sections are from the ReStore. There are bricks the barrel is sitting on, those were sitting around my property when I bought the house. Don’t know what they were for. There aren’t enough to build an outdoor fireplace, which I would like to do.

There is more to the rain barrel project. My friend (Ham) has an idea on how to make a clean-out just above where the straight section of pipe connects to the 45 degree. If I understood him correctly, we get a Y section and put a strainer in there. We can cap the open end of the Y and then be able to open it to scrape out the fir needles.

My property has a bunch of very tall Fir trees and my gutters (and everything else) is constantly carpeted with an incredible amount of the fir needles and little things that fall of the trees. Not sure what they are, but they sure fill up the gutters. This rain barrel is a poor design in my opinion, as there is no way to open it up and clean out any crap that flows in with the water. I suspect that some day, even with my efforts to prevent it, the fir needles and whatnot will fill up above the fill spigot opening.

Oh well, I’ll deal with that when and if it actually happens. Right now, I am very happy with my rain barrel. Now if I could just get my brother over here to clean out my gutters . . .  My house has 2 floors, and I have a hard time manipulating the 25 foot extension ladder it requires to get up to the gutters.

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