Ok, so this is off the computer, but I have a whole box full of paper maps!

I have to admit, I much prefer a paper map; and I am one of the apparently few who can actually refold a map into its proper folded state! The reasons I prefer paper over GPS are:

  1. I can open up a map of a city and see the entire city at a glance.
  2. I can see every location on the map in relation to every other place.
  3. I also prefer directions given by geographic directions, such as “Go north 2 miles, turn East at such-and-such road.” The reasons for this are that one, if you miss your turn and you have turned around and are trying to find the street, you don’t have to do mental gymnastics to decide which way to turn; second, it just makes more sense – if you have seen the city laid out on a paper map.
  4. The batteries in the GPS can die.
  5. The GPS can malfunction.
  6. The GPS can give you the wrong directions.

OK, I have to confess, I just bought a GPS. Not get around in my area, but I am making a trip to California in December, and will be renting a car. Since every time I travel, I either am by myself, or my traveling companion does not know how to read a map (a condition I cannot understand), I decided to relieve my travel anxiety by getting the damn GPS, so I can get around in a strange city without the stress of getting lost.

My Tom Tom GPS

Yes, I have travelled with paper maps, and one time I actually had 3 people with me, all male, and I was the only one who could read a map. As I was also the driver this was a major problem. I had rented a car, and had not foreseen that I might be driving everyone and so had not listed anyone else as driver on my rental thingy.

Besides, guys always think they know where they are driving, whether they do or not, and I did not want to end up in another state while they kept saying “I’m sure it is this way.”

So, there you are. Which do you prefer? I admit, there is the advantage a GPS has in a strange city, telling you where to turn, (I cannot remember more than one or two turns ahead) and it is not only inconvenient, but dangerous to keep pulling over and looking at your map.

But I will be bringing my well folded paper map with me. I don’t trust electronic gadgets, and I like being able to look at the whole city at once and pick out places I want to go.

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