Last summer I found one of these little green guys on my porch railing, which places him about 4 feet off the ground. I was really surprised – I didn’t know they could climb! This is a really pretty, bright green frog about an 1-1/2 inches across his back.

There are no ponds near my house – there is some damp area in behind my house – which seems like a long hike for this tiny guy. Maybe he hangs out under my porch; it is kind of damp and there are some pretty dense plantings around there.

I would like to put a frog pond in my front yard, but my neighbor has 7 kids, about 3 of them are under 5 years, and there are no fences! I worry the kids would be attracted by the water, especially if the pond had frogs and tadpoles.

Well, one of these days . . .

For now, maybe I’ll make a tiny pond, big enough for the frogs to get a drink, since this guy is here anyway.

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