Bengal Tiger - is there anything more beautiful?

Yeeehaaaa! Friday.

The sad tally this week:

  • Squirrel – 1
  • Bird – 1
  • Opossum – 2
  • Unidentified – 2

I suppose you all read about the really tragic deaths of so many beautiful tigers, leopards, bears, a baboon, awolf and mountain lions. I am mystified as to how this guy got these exotic and WILD animals onto his property. Most of them are not native to North America and had to have been brought here from across the Atlantic.

It must be illegal to keep such animals in private zoos, and if it isn’t, it should be.

Wolf - they keep nature in balance

We have decimated their populations in the wild to the point of near extinction and the remaining animals cannot range as they should, as it is their nature to. Lets face it, there are way too many humans, and we have eliminated the natural habitat of so many other mammals that we are in real danger of becoming the only, and probably the last, species to inhabit the earth.

Because when we have killed off the last lion, bear, wolf, jaguar, we will not be far behind in eradicating ourselves. We need the rest of the natural world; we need the bees to pollinate our crops, we need fish in the oceans for food and to maintain the balance of life there; we need them also for our own sanity.

We are part of nature, and as much as some among us like to think we can live in a totally man-made environment, the fact that so many of us do may be partly responsible for the horrible acts of inhumanity (war, torture) that too many of us have perpetrated on the innocent; innocent humans, innocent animals.

We need the earth and all our fellow creatures, and we ignore this fact to our peril.

I’m sorry, the imprisonment and deaths of so many beautiful creatures is really upsetting. I guess it makes me wonder where we are all going to end up.

Skyline Divide in Mount Baker Wilderness

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