So, have I mentioned that I LOVE hiking in the mountains, AND I take care of my 87-year-old mom every Saturday?  What that means is, it is usually sunny and nice on Saturdays, and rainy and cloudy on Sundays, the day I get to go hiking.

This weekend was no exception. If I could have gone Saturday, I would have seen spectacular views of the North Cascades; Mount Baker, Shucksan, and north to the Canadian mountains. However, I was free on Sunday, so I went, “hell or high water” as the expression goes. I could say my hiking in poor weather conditions builds character, but I’m 61 and my character is already built, so the universe’ efforts are kind of wasted on me.

On my way down, I did meet 3 young people going up. Now, to get to where I met them, they had to hike for an hour in 6 inches of wet snow and blowing wind with icy rain pouring down.

Guess what they were wearing? Shorts. I kid you not. They did have good boots on, I noticed, so I decided they weren’t completely insane. They were nice and spoke to this solitary old lady who was actually dressed for the weather and asked me if they were almost there.


Snow Covered Meadows


Snow and mist


Running into snow


Trail beyond ridge


I couldn’t see any views and was a little bit concerned that if the rain should turn to snow it would cover up the footprints I’d followed up there, and I’d get totally lost if that happened. I bring all my emergency stuff on hikes, but I am convinced that if the worst happened and I had to spend the night on the mountain in icy rain or wet snow that I would die of hypothermia in an hour.

So I do my best to see that does not happen. Besides, I couldn’t see any views, other than the really awesome little alpine trees and the blowing mists coming up over the ridge. I do enjoy seeing the trees through the fog, but there is a limit to how long I want to spend peering at misty tree-shapes through the fog, wondering all the while if this icy rain is going to turn to snow before I get back down, or if the clouds will close in and cause a white-out where I might have trouble seeing the boot-prints in the snow I’m following.

All is well, as usual, and I’m looking forward to my next trek in the rain. I think I need a better jacket though, I did get pretty damp, plus my gloves leaked like a seive.

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