Pollution is shortened life spans, death of people and wildlife, tragedy. We all should be responsible, but what we as individuals do is miniscule compared to what the corporations can and do, do.

man-made pollution


The Earth First website is a great source of information on this topic, but I am a little confused by the expression “man-made pollution”. Is there any other kind?  I don’t think so. Even when Mount St. Helen’s blew up out here in Washington State, the land was devastated and many animals and foolish people (who didn’t believe the scientists warning to leave the area), but we had the best apple crops for years after. The volcanic ash was very fertile.

What man-made disaster/pollution can we say that about? None.

Floods bring fertile soil to the flood plains, making crops grow. With our daming of the rivers so we can live close to the banks, we now need to artificially fertilize our crops. See “Dead Zone” in the Gulf for the results of that.

Anyway, while we are changing our lightbulbs and driving electric cars, corporations are polluting the air, water and land at a rate that will far outstrip our puny efforts to be more “environmentally friendly”.

Think local, eat local, starve the beast.

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