Hey, we had our first snow this winter last night. Not at my house, but a few miles north, on my way to work. Just a “frosting” on everything, but it was cold enough to stick to tree branches and leaves. Pretty. I like snow, we never get enough here to be a serious problem, and it is pretty when it comes.

OK, the roadkill report:

  • Unidentified – 2
  • Mouse – 1

That’s it. I did see a weird thing early this week, in the street in front of my house. Well, a house to the west of mine. I backed out into the street and saw a really strange thing going on in my rear window.

A mouse was running in a tight circle in the middle of the street. I couldn’t believe the little swine was out in the daylight, and there were no cars coming, so I sat there for a minute or two, watching the little guy, thinking he would run off, or I’d see what was interesting him so much.

Mice - cute?

He never did run out of the street. Just kept doing his tight circles out there in plain sight of the neighborhood cats, dogs, raccoons, eagles, and the next car to come along. Weird. I’m thinking now maybe he’d eaten some poison or something and was going nuts. I suppose people put out poison for the mice.

By the way, he was a pretty big mouse. I wondered later if he could have been a rat, but I have seen city rats and he didn’t have that special “look”. You know, mice, in spite of being nasty little pests in one’s house, are kind of cute. Rats, not so much.

The only good rat is a dead rat

Hamster report