Yeah, I was having so much “fun” I forgot all about my usual Friday posting. OK, for all my fan out there, here are last weeks count:

  • Mouse – 1
  • Squirrel – 2
  • Opossum – 2
  • Bird – 2
  • Unidentified – 2

I really wasn’t out driving more, don’t know why there were more mammals sent on to the next life this last week. We had a series of storms move through, with lots of high winds and rain, but that doesn’t really account for the roadkill.

Another type of roadkill, i.e. – do we have a future:

If you ever wonder what is going on with radiation in Whatcom county and Bellingham, due to the continuing Fukushima disaster, you might want to check my new blog where I am posting my readings with a new geiger counter. I am still learning how to use it and what the readings mean, so you can learn along with me if you aren’t too scared.

Is this us?

Most people prefer to be ignorant, it is definitely less scary, and I really understand that, but I can’t run from reality, for some annoying reason. You may recall Lilly Tomlin’s famous quote from the ’60’s: Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs. And I can’t handle drugs, so there you go. This is the location of the radiation website.

Hamster report