Yeah, that Freud guy started us all analyzing ourselves. It's his fault.

Sigmund Freud

My therapist brings out the best in me. She is the perfect "friend", except that I can't call her and go out for a coffee, she won't go with me to try out a movie that might be awful but I want to check out anyway, she won't come over to my house for dinner, or go hiking with me. Otherwise she is a perfect friend; well, I have to pay her to listen to me, but otherwise, you know, she's great.

Well, ok, you may be wondering with all those qualifications, what is so great about a therapist. OK, listen up, here goes:

She listens to me, doesn't interrupt, and never tells me I'm an idiot.

She never makes me feel bad about something I told her.

She never repeats anything I confide in her (as far as I know).

She always tells me I'm a wonderful person and a great parent.

Now, if I could only find out where therapists hang out and grab one for a non-paying friend, that would be great. Am I saying great to often? Sorry, it's just so great.

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