My awesome granddaughter - almost 4 years

Ok, I tried to post on Monday, but WordPress is a pain the butt and I couldn’t get it to upload more than 1 photo, so I got disgusted and just closed it.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse


I’m going to Japan next week with my geiger counter, so I’m trying to post a few photos of San Diego before I go.

My mom grew up in various lighthouses along the Oregon and Washington coasts, during the ’20’s and 30’s. The government was closing the lighthouse keepers residences due to automating the lights, so the family had to keep moving to one of the remaining manually maintained lighthouses. Hence, my interest in lighthouses.

Carousel at Disneyland

My son and granddaughter and I visited Disneyland (Los Angeles), and Point Loma lighthouse, a park with lots of seals (very cool), and an amazing liquor store with just about every kind of alcoholic drink you can imagine; but I was only looking for one bottle of beer, and I didn’t want to buy a six-pack, so that was the place to go.

They have some pretty funny-looking trees in southern California, the desert effect, I suppose. I was told they were the inspiration for the trees in the Dr. Seuss books. I can believe it.

Dr. Seuss’ trees

So, there you go! I’ll write about Okinawa and what my geiger counter senses over there. Wish me luck and good health, it is a scary place to go right now.

Hamster report