What is that in the middle of the road?

Sorry, I know this is insensitive, but still funny, kinda.


Oh, it’s been pretty dark every day on the way to and from work, so I can’t see anything dead on the road, unless it would be the size of a deer, and no, I haven’t seen a dead deer lately. So, no roadkill count.

I was in San Diego for 7 days, but I don’t recall seeing any roadkill there, either. The only time I was out of the city was on the drive to Los Angeles, to visit Disneyland, and I didn’t see any dead stuff on the road.  I suspect that the sheer terror of being in a car on the road in San Diego was distracting me from looking at the pavement for roadkill. I kept finding myself slamming my foot on the floor to stop before we hit the car in front of us, or continually tightening my seat belt as we swerved in and out of continually merging traffic.

I left Seattle partly because of the insanity of the roads there, and the fact that the city kept paying millions of dollars for multiple sports arenas, but could not build a decent light rail system. Their answer to traffic problems seems to be to add toll roads, good thinking Seattle, that’ll keep more people off the road. Right.

Southern California is all desert and I wonder what the population density of animals might be. I suspect there are fewer animals per square mile, as there is less water and vegetation to munch, hence, fewer dead on the road.

Alfred Hitchcok quotes:

Television has brought back murder into the home – where it belongs.

Television has done much for psychiatry by spreading information about it, as well as contributing to the need for it.

Give them pleasure – the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.

I’ll conclude with my favorite comedian, Lily Tomlin:

No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.

Reality is a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs.

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