Woman stirring dead squirrel soup

You really need to check out this article about a woman in Seattle who eats squirrels. Yes, she lives IN Seattle, not in a sparsly populated ‘burb. She traps them live and then drowns them. There is some discussion about whether drowning is more humane than some other method of “offing” them. I wouldn’t know.

She claims it only takes 4 seconds, but I think that timeline is suspect. I can hold my breath for at least a minute, I would think a squirrel could too. Whatever.

Seattle Times has the article. If you think squirrels are the cutest things that ever lived, maybe you shouldn’t read the article. She really does kill them, with her own hands, skins them, cooks and eats them. Actually, I don’t know why this is so offensive, except that I have a bit of respect for the rodents, due to the fact that yes, they are cute, and in addition, they have been able to adapt and survive around people, and still remain basically wild.

Not like my cats, who have given up their freedom for two squares a day and a warm, comfy bed. Although how much freedom they’ve given up is debatable.

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