The endangered honeybee

How long do we have? I have checked with beekeepers locally, and they say our bees are doing “OK”. We do have a lot of organic farmers in Whatcom county. However, I see disaster coming at the human race like a freight train about to smash a car stuck on the tracks.

I’m highlighting a current article on the state of the world’s bees. It is a statement on the condition of the human race; as the bees go, so will we. The article is from the website Common Dreams. A few of the points made by the article:

“Bayer-produced imidacloprid is harmful to bees even at very low levels – Common Dreams staff. A new study published in Naturwissenschaften – The Science of Nature by a leading bee expert provides damning evidence that a widely used pesticide, even at low levels, is responsible for the recent catastrophic decline in honey bees. Dr. Jeff Pettis of the USDA’s Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, MD led the study.”

“Colony collapse disorder, as this phenomenon is known, has been getting worse since 2006.”

“Compelling new evidence from the US government’s top bee expert [Dr Jeffrey Pettis] that modern pesticides may be a major cause of collapsing bee populations led to calls yesterday for the chemicals to be banned.”

Honey bees are necessary for pollinating 70 percent of the crops we need for food. Try to imagine the world with 70 percent less food. Wrap your head around that.

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