Happy Children Playing Kids

First off, if I was going to give away a million dollars, I would have to have at least 2 million dollars. I have spent too much, well, pretty much all, of my life barely getting by, counting my pennies in the grocery store, trying to figure out which bills I can pay this week.

OK, the answer to the question is, I would set up daycares for single mothers that are open 24 hours a day (we are not all fortunate enough to get day jobs), they would have a nurse and separate space for kids who are sick (but not too sick to go to daycare, if you are or have been a mom you know what I mean), there would be tutors to help with homework, and healthy snacks for the kids.

Yeah, I know, a million dollars just doesn't go as far as it used to. This would probably finance one daycare. Sigh.

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