Just any old shower removed


OK, so this is not MY old shower. I will get photos tonight and post them tomorrow. I hope my shower room looks this good when I get the old shower out. I bet it won’t. For one thing, I know that sometime in the past the shower leaked – because the ceiling in the garage, below the shower, shows where the gyp board had been wet, and I suspect they replaced the drain pipe.

Maybe it was when the water pipes into the house, also located in the garage, froze. I know this happened because someone thawed them with a blowtorch, scorching the wall behind the water pipe. Then they replaced the pipe to the hose bib by drilling a new hole in the outside wall and moving the pipe and the hose bib about 6 inches to the left.

It’s interesting to speculate how short-sighted and/or dumb the previous owners of one’s home were. When I moved in, I could see the scorched wall, and the bare (still uninsulated) pipes in the garage, which I have now insulated.


Oh, back to the shower replacement project. The day my friend and I (my friend who actually knows what he is doing and has done this before) were going to start cutting out the old shower, we had a power outage in my neighborhood. Don’t ask me why, I suspect the Universe does not want me to have a new shower.

There was no windstorm, no lightening strikes, no terrorist attacks. The power was out from about 8:00 am to 2:30 at my house. During this time I did what the emergency management (how does one “manage” and emergency anyway?) people say to do – turned on my battery-powered radio to find out what was going on.

They never did say. All I could get was gardening shows and investment advice, oh, and “buy our colon-cleansing” products shows. My friend, who drove from the south end of town, said the power was out in quite a wide area, based on the traffic lights that were out.

So, we fooled around, tore out the glass shower door and tried to figure out why my 16-year-old Ford Escort is losing radiator fluid, but the power was still not on by 2:00, so my friend took off and we re-scheduled our demo job for another weekend.