Snowshoeing out of Icycle Creek near Leavenworth


This is just a short drive out of Leavenworth. My two friends and I had a great weekend in a rental condo there. Snuggling up with hot drinks in the evenings, taking a leisurely morning, watching the mists rise in the morning. We were pleasantly surprised with mostly sunny weather, as the weather report had been kind of gloomy for the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon we did some fun wine-tasting at Icycle Ridge Winery. They have a beautifully made wonderful log-cabin lodge. There were a few too many stuffed deer, wild cats, bears, and turkeys for my taste, but still, the place was beautiful, the wines were great, and the people were very nice.

Dead bear decoration and deer heads - kinda weird, but fit the area.

Icycle creek at Leavenworth
Icycle creek at Leavenworth

There were about 6-12 inches of snow under the bare fruit trees and wine vines. The hills surrounding the winery were lightly coated with snow, and a river flowed nearby. Beautiful!

On Sunday morning (yes, I know, I’m not in chronological order here) I attempted cross-country skiing. I don’t know if I am more interested in the sport, or kind of discouraged. The trouble with snow is it is slippery. The trouble is me, is I am afraid of falling. Which I did every time I tried to go down a hill with any slope to it at all. I kept falling, and I don’t know if I was falling because I lost my balance, or because I was afraid of going too fast, and then falling.

It was all fun!

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