Beware the valentine candy


Well, I guess you can tell by the title that is not going to be one of those stories of a wonderful love affair that lasted 50 years. Duh.

You know I’m in the majority here. Those who run around all flushed and full of love today are in the minority. Lets review the facts: Number of divorces in America? In 2005 2.23 million couples married and the divorce rate was 3.6 per 1,000. That is like comparing apples and oranges. Why give us the actual number of marriages and then try to compare that to the rate of divorce per thousand population. I’ll do the math for you: 3.6x(308745538/1000) = 1,111,483 or 1.1 million.

OK, whatever. Every time I see some couple getting married and they are soooo happy, I wonder how they will feel about each other in a few years. I’m sorry, I just look down the road a bit. Been there, done that.

Unrealistic expectations are what I blame. There are lots of stories out there – I know, I looked them up, about what is wrong with Valentines Day, but I won’t bore you with them. There are many problems with the holiday – like most special days in America it has become more about spending money on someone you care about, to prove that you really, really do care. I know, it is much more complicated, but I’m not going into that. You have your own reasons, or you wouldn’t be reading this, I suppose.

I’m single and that’s why I dislike this day so much. All those supposedly happy and in love types out there, with stars in their eyes, crowing about how great their relationship is. Puhlease! Keep it down, will you?

not really a joke but…
Happy valentines day… … … It’s really too bad you missed the massacre.
I guess this “joke” only applies when you’re speaking to someone you really don’t like. oh well.
I don’t dread Valentines Day, I just ignore it. As much as I can.
Happy SINGLE Awareness Day – no card, no flowers, no chocolate. OH WAIT…no one to tell me what to do, to clean up after, to spend my money – LOL

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re single, randomly run up and hug somebody, then run off. I’m sure they’ll like it. If not, you’ll learn what mace feels like.

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