Yesss . . . . and this weeks count is:

  • Squirrel – 2
  • Birds – 2
  • Unidentified – 3
  • Rabbit – 1

I’m pleased to say I don’t see dead deer. Last week I did stop for 4 deer trying to cross a road, and I’m happy to say they all made it safely to the other side. They did seem to be aware of the cars and were looking and seemed to be waiting for the them to stop.

Maybe my theory that the smart ones survive and live to reproduce smarter deer is correct. Forget Planet of the Apes. One of these days, a deer will walk up to me and knock me aside and take over my house. I think the first thing a deer-run society would do is get rid of cars, which is what we should be doing, but aren’t.

Then, they would need to make slaves of humans, since deer don’t have hands, so we could build stuff for them, or maybe tear things down. I would think that from a deer perspective, there are way too many houses, buildings and roads.

Deer forcing hapless human to submit

Here’s an article from the UK by a person who dines on roadkill. Hopefully he only takes the fresh stuff. I wonder how he can tell how long the things have been deceased?  Here is what Jonathon had to say about that:

‘It’s not something everyone can do. I have grown up around nature and know just by looking how an animal has died and how long it has been there.

‘I am careful, obviously, not to eat anything that I don’t think is fresh and if I don’t know how an animal has died I will perform an autopsy on it first.” Alrighty then.

Here is his description of how each animal tastes:

Foxes – ‘There’s a common myth that you cannot eat them but they are most delicious. It is a lean meat and there is never any fat. Young foxes are always very nice and they taste slightly like chicken.’

Dinner is served

Mice – ‘They taste weird – there is no other food quite like them. They aren’t particularly nice and have a very bitter flavour. They are of course so small that they are almost worthless.’

Rats – ‘They are most delicious and it is a misconception that they are dirty. They are quite like pork but quite salty. They are delicious and the meat is great on its own. I would not eat city rats but in Dorset they are very good.’

Pigeons – ‘I don’t eat town pigeons but wood pigeons are very nice. They are very large and very irony. It’s best marinated and I love to have it with red wine.’

Moles – ‘They are horrible and have a rancid taste. They have an unpleasant taste in their skin to ward off predators. Wild animals don’t eat them. I’ve only had one once and never again.’

Hedgehogs – ‘When you get in it’s all fatty meat. It’s not nice but okay if you like eating fatty foods.’

Squirrels – ‘They are most delicious. They provide a good firm white meat which is quite similar to rabbit but not as overpowering. Not many animals taste like what they eat but squirrels do have a nutty flavour. It’s fantastic stuff.’

Wild cats – ‘You do get a few wild cats in Dorset as you do in Scotland. They have a very nice flavour but they are very rare.”

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Well, so there you go. I guess you should skip the mice and moles. Too bad about moles tasting bad – if we could get a market for the pests, maybe we could cut down on their population.

Run for it!

down by the screen when no one else is in there…