Stud wall with plumbing fixtures

So last Sunday we worked on the shower project. It required 4 trips to the local hardware store, for liquid nails, actual nails, caulk, and figuring out how to re-connect the drain. My friend tried to make the existing drain pipe work, but we finally decided that since it looked like it had broken off around the top of the drain pipe, that the original fitting must have been permanently connected the original shower pan.

Upper shower stall showing copper pipe and wall studs

Since it had leaked at some time in the past (we can see the shower p-trap because it is over the garage). When I moved into the house, I could see the shower drain had leaked at some time in the past and the gyp board had been cut away around the drain and the pipe (black drain pipe) had been patched, as though the original pipe had been attached crookedly to the shower pan and so had leaked from one side.

Corner showing one wall and back wall of shower

So, it took awhile and a conversation with the plumbing guy at the store to guess what we had and why, and what to do about it. Finally we (my friend) took the p-trap out, from the convenient opening in the garage ceiling, and cut off the piece that was the problem and we will glue on a section next weekend to make it long enough to connect to the shower pan.

So, we got the shower pan in, the back wall, and the sidewall that is opposite the plumbing piping.

So, the caulk was put liberally along the shower pan rim, and in the indentations along the edges of the shower pan. Also, since this is a 3-piece shower, caulk was run along the vertical edges where the back and side connect. Liquid nails was put on the 2×4’s where the back and side walls rest against. Holes were drilled in the edges of the pan and the walls, so the nails wouldn’t crack the shower parts. They were then nailed securely to the studs.

It’s looking very good! It will be so much larger than the original shower, since the pan is the full 48″ wide, with no molded seat taking up room!

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