The guilty parties

Squeak is the one with her back to the camera.Typical criminal behavior - keep your face hidden.

OK, I have two cats. They look very much alike, except that one, Cleo, has white paws and chest and Squeak does not. They are not related, not that it matters, they are sisters now, since they live in the same house and are stuck with each other. It’s like that song that goes “We are family, I have all my sisters with me . . . ”

Yes, I’ve been watching Birdcage, again. One of the funniest movies ever made. Brian Lane is hilarious and the guy who plays their “maid”, Agadore is great – Hank Azaria.

So, anyway, back to my cats. Squeak’s favorite thing is playing in their water dish. She splashes it all onto the floor and watches it gurgle more water into the dish. It’s one of those water dishes that has a “tank” sitting on top of the water dish, and as the cats drink the water, more dribbles down into the bowl.  At least that is the way it is supposed to work.

OK, so I didn't get her batting the water out of the bowl. She seems to know I don't like that, so she tends not to do it in front of me. Alright, so I just don't have the patience, OK?

Squeak has discovered that she enjoys playing in the water. I have to refill the water tank twice a week, and my floor is covered with water. I have started keeping towels under the water dish, but sometimes I come home and there is so much water on the floor that the towel is soaked and there are puddles all around the towel.  Sometimes when I pick her up, she is so wet from playing in the water that her paws are soaked and partway up her legs the fur is all wet.

Sometimes I suspect she is a gangster cat and there are tattoos under her fur – like the thugs who shave their heads and tattoo them, and then maybe let the hair/ fur grow back?

She is definitely the troublemaker in our house. Cleo is mostly well-behaved, but not so much, Squeak. Every time I am anywhere near, but not in, the kitchen I can hear a “thunk” as she jumps off the kitchen counter where she has been scrounging, looking for food I assume. I never leave food on the counter anymore, since Squeak came to live with me; not even a spoon. I caught her licking out a spoon one day. Yuck! Cat cooties!

This is the cat version of "No pictures, no pictures". Hard to identify, right?

I thought of putting a little water in the tub to see if she would play in that water instead the drinking bowl, but my tub doesn’t hold water for more than an hour or so, it gradually drains out. So, that doesn’t work very well.

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