OK, so I’ve been sick; one day off work and then last weekend on the couch. My poor 88 year old mom had to “stay in” all weekend, as I could not get in my car and drive over to pick her up at the retirement home, for her day out.

Besides, she probably would have gotten my cold, which would have been a bad thing, although, I swear, she doesn’t get sick as often as I do. Not that I get sick all that often any more, just that she gets sick LESS often,w hich is kinda annoying, when your 88 year old mom is healthier than you.

So, anywhoo . . . . back to the topic. Here is a link to what sounds like either a lame movie, or an artsy type, called . . . ta – da! “Roadkill”. It’s a road movie about a woman who takes a job that requires her to travel all across Canada looking for this group, and she doesn’t know how to drive, so she takes buses, trains, taxis, and hitchhikes. The summary says she learns how to drive by the end of the movie. Possibly this leads to some roadkill. Oh, and there seem to be several movies with this title. There is another that is a “supernatural thriller about a group of teenagers menaced by a driverless train in the Australian outback.” Get your head around that. Can’t they just walk away from the tracks?

You can get Roadkill T-shirts here. The company describes them as “funny, offensive, humerous and graphic.

Oh, sorry, the count for this week (the past two weeks, but I didn’t drive much when I was sick):

  • Chicken – 2
  • Rabbit – 1
  • Bird – 1
  • Opossum – 1
  • Unidentified – 3

I ran across an ineresting, and strange, theory about roadkill on a blog “Triangulations“. This person felt that roadkill such as squirrels, mice, etc, must be the same karmically (cosmosically?) as human roadkill. I don’t really know what he/she means. As far as the universe is concerned, I’m sure they are the same – accidents, and we still don’t know what happens after death, even though there are those who are sure that THEY know. Has anyone come back and told us? No. So, there you are.

The previous comments aside, one can certainly reduce the amount of roadkill by paying attention when anywhere near a road. So please do so.


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