After the dolphins have all died, and the bees, butterflies and frogs, will we be next? Read the distressing article about thousands (yes thousands) of dead dolphins washing up on the beach.

Veterinarian Carlos Yaipen of the Research and Conservation of Aquatic Animals examines a dead dolphin in Lambayeq, Peru (© Janine Costa/Reuters)

3,000 dead dolphins on beach in Peru

What killed them? I suspect those responsible either don’t know or don’t care; might it have been military sonar that destroyed their eardrums? Might it have been swimming through or eating radiation contaminated water or fish from Fukushima? Might it have been eating plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Might it have been pesticides that flowed into the ocean from farms?

I suspect we won’t ever know, because if we found out, we might want the cause changed, fixed, stopped. That might cut into someone’s profits, or a government’s military behavior.

Whatever the cause, humans are the originators of the problem. If we don’t get our act together, we will be simply artifacts and archeological curiosities for some future race from another planet, or some other evolved species to dig up and wonder over centuries in the future. Why would an intelligent species do all these things that are destined to destroy ourselves?

Are we just going to repeat on a worldwide scale what the Easter Islanders did?

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